Social Media 101 - Learn the basics from an expert!

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More than 2 hours

$250 for private bookings up to 3 people; additional $100 per person if larger.

About my Session:

This workshop will focus on:
- Posting best practices for the three major social platforms
- The strengths and weaknesses of each platform
- Setting goals for your social presence
- Defining company key words and umbrella topics to establish brand storylines
- Creating engaging and personal content
- Building a posting/content calendar
- Calls to action to get your followers to your website

About me:

Chrissy Greco has over ten years of experience marketing
brands and events on social media. Chrissy stays on top of the ever-evolving platform best practices and regularly consults with small businesses to provide the tools and techniques needed to bring their brands to life in the digital world.

Young businesses do not always have the time or resources for a devoted social media manager. By empowering business owners and employees with a fundamental understanding of social media marketing, Chrissy helps relieve the pressures of developing your brand on social media.

Establishing a Social Media presence for your brand can be daunting, especially when you have so many other things to think about and handle when it comes to running your business. However, in today’s world, it is vital to establish a social presence, and with thoughtful execution, you can leverage social media platforms to grow your brand and gain new and lasting customers. In Social 101, we’ll cover all the basics of Social Media you need to know to establish your brand.