Hilarious Comedy Magic Show - Stunning, Funny, & FUN!

4.9 (222 ratings)

1 hour

$100 for private bookings up to 5 people; additional $20 per person if larger.

60 Minutes of Hilarious Interactive Magic!

Much of the magic performed in my online shows are not even possible to do in any other format (not stage, not in person, not on YouTube, not even on TV).

Each show is filled with completely different tricks, jokes, and shenanigans.

  • YOU are an integral part of the show.
  • Magic that happens in your hands!
  • The "World's Only" Everyone Laughs Guarantee

As an audience member, you'll be asked to bring some items to the show - usually a deck of cards, pen & paper. Depending on the show, maybe some coins, rubber bands, candy, or the full contents of your wife's handbag. :)

There are three basic types of magic you'll experience: Visual, Interactive, and In-Your-Hands.

This means you will either: watch the magician, guide the magician, become the magician.

All of this happens with a good mix of comedy and laughter (as long as you do your job and laugh!) The show's comedy, magic tricks, and pacing are all designed for adults (I perform a lot of this stuff for my corporate clients.)

HOWEVER, children 10 and up will still have a good time as well! So, feel free to watch together with your family if you'd like... or send the kids to bed and have all the fun yourself.

No matter what happens - you'll be left scratching your head and the laughs are guaranteed. I promise you'll have fun & you'll be talking about it for weeks!