Murder Mystery Comedy Magic Show

4.9 (236 ratings)

45 minutes

$250 for private bookings up to 10 people; additional $25 per person if larger.

The video call begins and an "entertainer" is announced, but fails to appear. Then the phone rings, and the "truth" is revealed: The entertainer is dead — and the killer is one of the guests on the call!

Welcome to Murder by Magic, a unique, fun, and surprising comedy magic show. Imagine the game of Clue... but with magic!

By participating in fun demonstrations of magic and mind-reading, your team will help solve the mystery. They'll magically uncover the details about the case — including the time of death, motive, and method — leading up to the final reveal of the criminal mastermind behind it all.

During the 35-45 minute show, your guests will:

  • Be amazed when people in your group magically decipher important clues
  • Cheer as a teammate demonstrates impossible psychic abilities
  • Drop their jaws as the "victim's" shocking final message is revealed

And much more!

This is a fun virtual magic show hosted by an experienced, award-winning magician. There are no puzzles to solve or challenges to overcome. The teammates who participate will be the stars of the show in fun ways that don't embarrass anyone or make them go too far outside their comfort zone.

It's a great way surprise everyone at a weekly team meeting, reward your group at the end of a project, celebrate a team milestone, or add joy to a group happy hour.