Educational Wine Nights!!

Price per person $25
Minimum charge $100
Max call time: 1 hour
I'm open to custom large contracts

Audience rating: 21 and older

Hi! I'm Nicole, the Founder of Wine Expressions. I like to say I remove the “snooty” out of wine. I have spent my entire career in the industry from the East Coast to Napa to San Francisco, and now San Diego. I have traveled throughout California and Europe and believe, “you don’t have to spend a ton of money to have a great bottle of wine.”

I am a wealth of knowledge as a Certified Specialist in Wine, Certified Specialist in Spirits, in addition to extensive Wine & Spirit Education Trust training. These are top credentials in the industry.

Since COVID-19, I have been hosting Virtual Wine Educational Tastings since April 2020. My sessions are generally geared towards people who are curious about wine and want to learn more! I create a fun and relaxed environment in which I focus on 1 wine and that allows you to ask questions and share what you like and don't like about wine. However, I can completely tailor an experience for you and your friends. Grab a group and let's create a fun wine night!