I'll make you die of laughter, and then resuscitate you!

15 minutes

$25 per person or household

About this show
From the ER to your living room with Chicago's funniest Doc! See below for some examples:

About Me
AK is a comedian and writer that was born in the motherland, but grew up in the midwest. His foray into stand up comedy was accidental. He told jokes once on stage at a college comedy show, and the rest is history. After college, he moved to Chicago where he’s performed at the Laugh Factory, Tim Northern Comedy Festival, Chicago Nerd Comedy Festival, as well as various colleges nationwide. Critics have said that “He manages to be self-effacing, provide intelligent, humorous criticism of today’s political climate, and relate to a diverse audience simultaneously” with his stand up. When not performing, he is either sleeping, writing, working at his side hustle as an emergency medicine doctor… but most likely he’s sleeping.