Make me your Dungeon Master....

4.8 (141 ratings)

90 minutes

$120 for private bookings up to 4 people; additional $30 per person if larger.

Experience Description

Hello fellow nerds, geek gals, and weebs! The names Freck and I’m here to tickle your imagination through the wonderful world of Dungeons and dragons through my home brew worlds, inspiration points rewarded for wearing cosplay, and super powerful instagram found items!

Personally I’ve been playing dungeons and dragons for a few years, I’ve even played professionally for a stream/show called Have Dice Will Travel (coming soon). I’m close friends with Joe Mangeniello, one of the amazing creators of the D&D clothing brand Death Saves and have played with Luke Gygax (the son of the creator of Dungeons and Dragons).

But enough about me! Let’s kill some Giants, befriend a Tyfling bard who only speaks in rhymes, or gain insight on a shady mushroom lord! Roll initiative!

Experienced players (ones who knows at least what dice to roll)

$25/session (for each session or for a 1 shot); $100 for a Game with 5 sessions)


$30/session (for each session or for a 1 shot); $150 for a game with 5 sessions)

For beginner players, I’ll also offer a free character builder session of 30 minutes pregame if you are opting for the game with 5 sessions. If they are only playing one game, I’ll have Premade characters for you.