Talk to the CEO of Saambaa & SideStage

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15 minutes

$200 for private booking

Hi there!

I'm happy to speak with you about whatever you'd like. I will give you 15 minutes of my time on a Zoom call. If the conversation is going well we may increase the time (free of charge).

Here are some examples of what we can discuss:

-- Pitch me on using your product or service
-- Pitch me on investing in your startup
-- Ask me for feedback on your product or service
-- Ask me advice on how to start a business or pitch investors
-- Ask me for up to 3 intros to industry connections (double blind)

The topic of conversation is completely up to you. Feel free to message me before booking.

You can look at my LinkedIn profile if helpful:

How it works
You will be charged when you book me, but your payment will be held in escrow. I will send you a zoom link after booking. I don't get paid until after the call. If I do not show up you will be refunded.

I look forward to speaking with you!