Give Yourself Grace with Kylie Carter

4.9 (180 ratings)

90 minutes

$7 per person or household

Kylie Carter is a motivational Christian speaker and writer passionate about providing hope, love, and Christ’s truth to others through a variety of platforms. After struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and anorexia herself, she knew she wanted to inspire and help others. Her podcast is one among many ways she enjoys sharing truth with others. Through her podcast, From the Heart, Kylie shares weekly Christian encouragement with her listeners. In addition, she enjoys inspiring others through her writing and social media. In April of 2020, Kylie published her first book (Break Free: A 28-Day Devotion to Breaking Free from Comparison, Anxiety, Depression, and Temptation) to share her story and provide hope to those battling similar struggles to her own. As her passion for helping others increases, she is determined to encourage others to leave behind their burdens at the cross and fully commit their lives to Christ.
In Give Yourself Grace, Kylie will specifically address how you can find confidence in Christ. Giving yourself grace means putting your insecurities to sleep and knowing your truth and identity in Christ. Kylie will explore how you can give yourself more grace by tackling your insecurities and knowing who Christ says you are! (I encourage any participants to bring their Bible- and a printable is provided!!)