Psychic Reading from YOUR Expressive Drawing

4.9 (192 ratings)

90 minutes

$25 for private bookings up to 1 people; additional $25 per person if larger.

About my show
It's a psychic reading like no other! Krystyn Lambert will guide you through creating a simple scribble based off of various prompts, and from there she'll be able to deduce your deepest personality traits. Krystyn can reveal your honest characteristics to unveil your true self!

About me
Krystyn Lambert is one of the most recognized females in magic. Between her extensive domestic and international television appearances, performing solo-acts in Criss Angel’s live show in Las Vegas and on national tour, and current showcase featuring her stunning magic with off-beat humor, Krystyn is a dominant name.

My experience
Genii Magazine aptly described Krystyn as a “witch who may or may not have supernatural powers,” and while she’s mum on the subject, her list of accomplishments certainly makes people beg the question. She joined the Magic Castle Junior Society at age twelve, and in a few short years, started to win international competitions. This led her to star in the award-winning documentary, Make Believe, to use her UCLA degree in Philosophy with magic to deliver a Tedx talk, and to tour Asia performing on behalf of the US State Department.

Enjoy the show!