You pick the Music, I mix the Beats... Beatsmith

4.9 (246 ratings)

45 minutes

$25 for private bookings up to 1 people; additional $25 per person if larger.

Hello everyone, I’m Rick David Salomon. I am a muscian(pianist/beatsmith) based of out Boston Mass.

I perform a variety of music from Jazz, Gospel, R&B, funk Neo Soul, and many more. if you’re ready to have some fun while listening to good music, then let’s do it.

the way my sessions will run is you can request any genre of music you'd like to watch play from any particular artist from any particular era. I am also a beatsmith, so if you want to watch me make a beat, play a beat, a perform along with a beat feel free to request that as well. I am open to suggest as to how you'd like top experience my session so if you have any questions regarding that, we can discuss it further.

feel free to check out my facebook videos of my performances.
you can also check out my instagram videos. and if you like to hear sample of my beat feel free to check out my youtube and soundcloud pages. I will put the links to all that below. also if you like what you hear feel free to follow me or subscribe to all my pages so you don't miss any additional content I may upload.

I look forward to working together.