Lean On Me

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1 hour

$30 for private bookings up to 1 people; additional $30 per person if larger.

Being an authentic human being is being able to live and speak your truth. Identifying your personal values is a gateway to your conscious mind.

My coaching approach is about bringing you into alignment with your core values. This process begins with a personal values assessment and then defining the behaviors that support those values.

As a coach, my task is holding you accountable to the behaviors that align with your values. Often times, a person doesn’t know what they want and they have never identified what their core values are. Getting clarity around one’s core values and what a person wants is a monumental first step and motivation to live authentically and with purpose.

I would like to invite you to explore your personal values by taking the Personal Values Assessment. This is a highly valuable assessment and is available to you at no charge. After you complete the assessment, we can review your report and extract valuable observations for your benefit.

For 11 years, Robert has worked with organizations to build cultural capital using the Barrett Analytic tools to administer, analyze, and work with the survey assessments to support, measure, monitor, and coach leadership and organizational culture development.

He is certified in the Barrett Analytics from the Barrett Values Centre (www.valuescentre.com), and is a trained professional Coach through The Co-Active Training Institute (www.thecoaches.com), an accredited curriculum by the International Coaching Foundation (ICF). Robert is trained in the Fundamentals of Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching from the Center for Right Relationship (www.centerforrightrelationship.com).

Additionally, Robert is the CEO and Founder of Cork Tree Designs. His company specializes in eco-friendly and sustainable cork fashion accessories. His designs are successfully sold to high end retailers and gift shops in the United States, the U.S. Virgin and British Virgin Islands.

He earned his MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University and a BA in Management from Malone University. He was employed by Kodak, ADP, and Ricoh during his career. He mentored with Big Brothers Big Sisters in Atlanta, GA and was a Life Coach with Students Without Mothers organization. He is a certified yoga teacher and certified to teach English as Second Language.