"Team Magician" for the New England Patriots: John Duke Logan

45 minutes

$20 per person or household

JAM with JDL!

What does this mean?

"Just About Magic with John Duke Logan"

His show consists of clean humor, sleight of hand, visual magic, and mind reading....all in the comfort of your own living room! Well, he wouldn't be physically in your living room, but you get the gist.

John received a standing ovation on America's Got Talent and was nicknamed the "Team Magician" for the New England Patriots where he had his own show which was broadcasted to 7 million people weekly.

What Makes John Different? Great question. He doesn't use a lot of props in his shows. Rather than using bunnies, top hats, streamers, and unfamiliar props like other magicians use, he believes magic should be about performing extraordinary feats with ordinary objects. He pokes fun at pop culture by using simple and organic props such as books, cell phones, and playing cards to make the show more modern.

Learn more about John here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Yswm4PAvrQ