Musician For Hire ( Lessons ). Fun and productive !

45 minutes

$35 per person or household

Hi everyone, my name is Wylsner Bastien and im a Boston based musician/pianist.Although i currently teach at Guitar Center, through this platform I offer piano lessons that are each 30min long. I try and keep everything short because i understand that learning is something that should be without stress, and smooth. If you would prefer a longer lesson time, then we can definitely do that as well.

I believe in teaching in a way that is fun, and efficient. I teach in a way that allows you to learn music theory ( through many genres ) with a modern twist so that you don``t ever feel like you're sitting in a classroom waiting to be tested.

if you feel like you want to embark on this fun, energetic road with me, then let` s work !! I teach beginner, intermediate, and advanced theory.Book me now to get started on your music journey !!

To check out my music on other social media platforms ( where i post regularly ), and how to donate towards my music visit this link here: