Hi there!  Welcome to SideStage :)

SideStage is a new "experience marketplace" that matches performers, creators and educators ("Talent") to people looking to hire them for private zoom-type calls ("Customers").  This is how it works:

For Customers
1) Find the right SideStage Talent to book your call with.
2) Select a time that works for you both (you an see this in their calendar).
3) Send a message to the Talent if you want (ask questions, get clarification, etc.)
4) Book your call and invite friends!

For Talent
1) Enroll with us -- we'll review your profile for approval.
2) Make sure your profile shines!
3) Provide Customers with your available call times.
4) Customers will book you for a call!

We hope you enjoy our service and please reach out with any questions!  We're available at hello@sidestage.com.