Virtual Keynote Speaker: Magic & Mindsets

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1 hour

$400 for private bookings up to 13 people; additional $30 per person if larger.

Welcome to "Impossible is Just a Word: How Big Innovation Starts with Small Habits"

We've all heard the phrase "It's not what you see, it's how you look at it".

But what does this even mean?

Many people don't realize that creative solutions in life can be right in front of us, but our subconscious mind can miss the the answer if we're looking at the situation from the wrong perspective. For instance, 85% of people miss the extra "the" that was used in the previous sentence. Kudos to you if you caught it the first time.

John believes that keynote speakers should be educational AND entertaining. John's sessions consists of:

  • Leadership Myths
  • Case Studies on Innovation
  • Interactive Social Experiments, and
  • Award Winning Magic

But why should you hire someone with a background in magic to be your keynote speaker? Great question.

John noticed that speakers time and time again hop on stage, talk in a mundane way, and provide vague advice that people often forget the next day. That's why he created an educational, yet entertaining keynote that mixes magic, laughter and professional coaching all in one session.

Surprisingly, what sparked John's popularity in the industry was not the magic tricks themselves, but rather his analysis on successful innovation processes. Sleight of hand might be important for a magician, but creative problem solving & communication skills are more important to have a successful show -- or in a leader's case, a successful team.​

Magicians are experts on how to work as a team to shift their perspective and make a vision in their head become a reality. They know the exact process and steps to bring a sense of wonder, curiosity, and inspiration to the world, which are parallel skills needed to adapt to any situation and useful traits for corporates and creatives alike.

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