My singing will give you goosebumps and make your heart smile :)

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45 minutes

$30 for private bookings up to 1 people; additional $30 per person if larger.

About my show:

I like to sing mashups in English, French and Arabic from different genres including jazz, pop, soul, blues and some rock. I've taken part in the TV show "Heik Menghane" and been on several TV interviews.

I also love interpreting songs in my own style. I am currently working on my first originals which I am very excited about.

About me:

Hi my name is Christina Kairouz. I am a professional international singer and vocal coach.

At the age of 8, I curiously discovered my love for music which led me to enroll in piano lessons 2 years later, and in vocal lessons at the age of the 14. Despite having majored in business management, with a Master’s degree in HR (parents' recommendation), I always found ways to bring myself back to my passion, whether through acting workshops, taking both online and in person singing courses and eventually, performing at events, such as local festivals, weddings, Gala dinners, etc...

Without knowing it, I was rebelling against this somewhat imposed reality, and I felt this deep urge inside of me to change the course of my life. Every step that I took, no matter how difficult or scary, led me to quit my 7-year career in HR and banking, just a few months back, and fully dedicate myself to my passion.

I've been a vocal coach for 3 years now.
I've travelled to Egypt, Jordan, London, Amsterdam, and Qatar for performances.

As an artist, my one unchanging purpose revolves around striving to inspire, staying true to myself and growing alongside with this responsibility I have towards my audience.

Each one of us has a purpose to fulfill on this earth, and I believe that we owe it to ourselves, to live happy. And this happiness lies in pursuing what ignites an endless fire in our souls, holding on to it so tight, and never letting it go, no matter the challenges or what others tell us.

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