The Epic Conversation

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More than 2 hours

$40 for private bookings up to 1 people; additional $40 per person if larger.

About my Coaching:

When is the last time you talked to someone so honestly and deeply you just met, it changed your life? Who do you know who creates meaning and magic spinning a narrative and telling stories, conjures truths from past experience? Tom has honed a poetic sense of language and communication. There is nothing he does better than drill down to the essentials we all want to explore, express, conquer and transcend. He has changed many lives in a single sitting. He is masterful in his ability to explain without condemning or judging. Ask questions or simply listen. Direct the Epic Conversation or allow it to unfold organically.

About me:
Tom has a degree in music. Has traveled the world as a musician; studied ancient instrument construction with the world authority, Ben Hume. He is a world class sculptor who makes his living as a working artist. He left his last job when he was 25 and has been independent ever since..... plenty of stories wrapped up in those tales. He studies philosophy, political and behavioral sciences and reads 4 hours each day for the past 30 years. Tom has been married to his only wife Carol for over 30 years. He met her volunteering on a wooden sailing ship. He has kept a continuous flock of birds for just as long. He can build a house from the ground up and did by himself to test his skills in 2006. He does not recommend this for the average person... or any person. His wit and sharp sense of humor peppers all he says and does. You will laugh more than you cry. Tom has received people in mourning to guide their healing from what seems like insurmountable loss. He has entertained at the lightest and darkest moments of people's lives. His art and poetry has been observed breaking people emotionally in the public domain. Stories are the great truths. They tell of real experience that touches the heart. Relationship is a specialty in his oeuvre. Explore the journey. Laugh and find great meaning, magic and hope in the possibility that confronts us all; every day we wake, and every night we sleep to dream. A conversation can only be had if there is someone to talk to, and someone who can listen, with magical intent.