Building Better Leaders Summit - Invest In Your Team!

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Tue 05/25 @ 1:00pm EDT

90 minutes

$99 per person or household

Look, you are the Leader, Own It.

Decide today that you will take control of your emotions, your destiny, your happiness and your success...

I'll let you in on a secret -- If you are aren't owning your own future, then you will be the victim and you will give others complete control.

My Building Better Leaders Summit is where you take back control of your life and your future. By engaging the true power of your mind, you will see a clear path to your personal success!

As we leave 2020, create a vision for your dream life. We are offering you the chance to make 2021 your best year ever.

It is time to be honest and clear about your past, accept who you are today and why, and most importantly -- create a blueprint to live a life of purpose, direction and optimism.

If you want future success, then you will make sure that you and anyone you love is part of this leadership summit!

We are taking a limited number of people to this exclusive, live, virtual event.

Reserve your place now, and prepare to be inspired by Dan Quiggle, author, serial entrepreneur, mastermind behind the Quiggle Assessment and award-winning leadership keynote speaker.

About the Event:

In Building Better Leaders Summit with Dan Quiggle you will.......

LEARN an innovative way to write your Success Story
CHALLENGE your existing paradigm of work-life balance
CHANGE how you view crisis
DISCOVER strategies to increase sales
EXPAND LEADERSHIP and build an army of leaders
EMPOWER other to own the vision
CREATE the best version of you by using THE QUIGGLE ASSESSMENT

About Dan:

INSPIRING thousands to LEAD with purpose, Direction and Optimism

Dan empowers leaders to lead with purpose, direction, and optimism through leadership retreats, corporate training, and keynote speaking. Dan equips each individual in his audience with tangible ways to excel—both personally and professionally.

Dan began his career in the post-presidential office of Ronald Reagan where he had a front row seat to history and learned leadership from one of the best. Politics aside, President Reagan was one of the most gifted leaders the world has ever seen.

Dan has spent his career emulating and refining the leadership skills he observed directly from President Reagan and is passionate about sharing his experiences with a new generation of leaders. Dan continued his career as an
entrepreneur and has successfully started five companies in various industries. As a business leader himself, Dan has the real-life experience to authentically communicate with today’s top business leaders.

Dan was also a candidate for Congress in Florida and served as the Florida State Chairman of Americans for Prosperity, an advocacy group committed to educating citizens on the wonders of free people, free markets, and free society while mobilizing those citizens to participate in the public policy process.

Dan is a dynamic, engaging, and energetic speaker and delivers inspirational stories and real-life application for all to immediately employ in their leadership journey.

❖ Crisis Management
❖ Creative Destruction
❖ The CEO of SELF
❖ The Quiggle Assessment
❖ Leadership
❖ Emotional intelligence
❖ Communication
❖ Organizational Development