13 year old magician who's appeared on national television twice

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30 minutes

$250 for private bookings up to 10 people; additional $25 per person if larger.

James Chan is a 13-year-old magician that has performed for audiences throughout the country. His next audience? You! (Or your old high school friends you want to impress by making them think you're super-rich and can TOTALLY afford a magician who was recently on television.)

James will perform mental feats of mind-reading, combine magic and poetry, juggle up to 5 balls, bring his dog to the stage*, and turn $1 bills into $100 bills. Unfortunately, you can't keep the money. If he could really do that, you can bet he wouldn't be doing magic shows.

At age 5 James was juggling 3 balls, at age 8 three flaming torches, & by age 10 he was picking pockets. And you might be thinking, who are his parents and do they know about this? The answer? Yes, they know and they actually supported this idea. Dad is a professional magician and juggler. So you don't need to call CPS!

James’ credits include appearing on ABC7 News, national television with Tiffany Haddish, and Access Daily with Penn & Teller.

*By request only.

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