Eat well, Live well with Health and Wellness coach Candice

Price per person $25

$25 per person
Minimum of 5 people (session Min $125)
30-60 minute sessions

Experience Description:

Candice Witek is a board certified health coach, founder of women’s wellness product line Flourish RX and a nationally recognized women’s health advocate. A two time breast cancer survivor, Candice connects to audiences with authenticity, wisdom and activates change. Initially to regain health, Candice dove into education in women’s nutrition and the mind + body connection. Empowering women to improve health, achieve goals and develop sustainable habits. She is a graduate of USC Annenberg School, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Plant-Based Chef, MBSR Facilitator and Mother of 3. During her cancer journey she tried everything imaginable to help her heal and feel good. Since she has always been an avid cook, dreamer and designer, she started creating recipes for things beyond food - and that’s how Flourish RX products were born. Researching, mixing, creating; with a focus on natural and simple ingredients. Candice is also a highly sought after corporate wellness leader and presenter. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Lionsgate, Hulu, various hospitals and Netflix. WIth the launch of her wellness product business Candice is able to provide solutions for enhancing health in all people. Her focus is on educating and empowering women on self care for the most feminine parts of womanhood. Let’s Talk About It! Learn more about Candice

30-60 minute sessions, for $25 per person minimum of 5 people on call.