Bar tabs are for the rookies! Curated cocktails w/ The Auntease!

4.9 (230 ratings)

Sat 05/15 @ 7:30pm EDT

1 hour

$10 per person or household

Want cocktails that leave your guests coming back for more or to treat yourself really well? Come out for a time you won’t soon forget with “The Auntease!”

We are a couple of ladies with big laughs, exact flavor profiles, a zest for luxurious experiences, and we are surveyors of the world’s “Bests!”

It’s time for us to share our calling with you. Cocktails are a part of our weekly mission; and as flavor masters, we will tease out each ounce of goodness in a cocktail.

Hang with us and you’re sure to laugh, make a cocktail or two and possibly meet cool folks. We use infused syrups, fine liqueurs, locally sourced herbs & fruits when we can, and other really cool ingredients.

If they’re hard to find in your area, no sweat, we will suggest alternatives to give your cocktail a little somethin’-somethin’ extra too.