Musician ( Pianist ) For Hire ! Live Music !

Price per person $35
Minimum charge $30
Max call time: 45 minutes
I'm open to custom large contracts

Hi everyone ! My name is Wylsner Bastien, and im a musician ( Pianist ) based out of Boston, MA. If you want a nice, fun, good quality musical experience then lets work ! I play a range of genres of music starting from funk, to jazz, Neo-Soul, R&B, soul, Soft Rock, Gospel, Reggae, and many more!

The way i run my sessions is that you can choose the genre you'd like to see me play & the era, or you can choose the artist and which specific songs from that artist as well. If you have any other requests regarding what type of performance you'd like and how you'd want the session to go, we can definitely discuss that further.

Feel free to check out my YouTube channel for some videos right below ( subscribe while you're at it to stay updated with everything new ).

To check out my music on other social media platforms ( where i post regularly ), and how to donate towards my music visit this link here: