Figure Out What You're Passionate About

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1 hour

$100 for private bookings up to 4 people; additional $25 per person if larger.

Zee Najarian is a clarity coach and an unshakable optimist. She teaches women how to figure out what their passions are so that they can live a more joyful and authentic life. She is the co-president of the Bloom Again Foundation which helps economically vulnerable women when they are faced with a medical challenge.

Zee has spent the past 15 years trying to get over the "there has to be more to life" feeling and after having different jobs, countless side gigs, serving on different nonprofit boards and getting multiple degrees, she now uses her experience and expertise to help others build a life that they love.

Zee believes that living a life that you love doesn't mean you have to walk away from your current life and give up everything that you have. At the core of her teaching is how you can start living that life right now, from where you are, in whatever field you are in. You were born to do things your way and it's your cosmic right to live the exact life that your heart desires.

Signature Topics: How to Create a Life That You Love, How to Figure Out What You're Passionate About, Start With What You Know