Amber Autry - The Comic That Brings The Energy!

Price per person $15
Minimum charge $60
Max call time: 1 hour
I'm open to custom large contracts

Amber Autry is a Comedian, Writer, and Producer based in the city of Chicago. Before lockdown she was performing all over the city and the US in popular comedy clubs such as The Laugh Factory, Comedy Bar, and Zanies as well as festivals and local venues. Amber is an acclaimed Host and Comic that has hosted everything from Comedic Roast Shows, Corporate Events, Celebrations, and even shows on public transportation. If you're looking for a Comic that can deliver the jokes and the good vibes, facilitating an awesome experience for all involved, reach out to Amber Autry.

Amber Autry is available to Produce and Host a comedy show for any event (this includes virtually. 1 hour long, $15 each)
Amber Autry is available to teach Standup Comedy (1 hour long for $15 a person, max of 6 people)

CLIP (live set):
CLIP (hosting virtually):
CLIP (clean set live):