Comedy and Private Roasting Session with Natasha Pearl Hansen

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1 hour

$250 for private bookings up to 25 people; additional $10 per person if larger.

About this show
I'm a fun, people and good-times-loving comedian who tours the world doing standup and private shows -- and I would love to entertain you virtually in your home!

About me
I am a standup comedian, actress, writer, and all around creator. I basically say I operate under a comedy umbrella. I began my career with Second City Chicago in 2006 and hit the stage for the first time as a solo standup comedian in 2010.

My experience
In 2019 I had successful tours headlining in Scotland, England, Germany, France and the Czech Republic, as well as the Caribbean, the Midwest, East Coast and West Coast. In June of this year I shot my first comedy special titled “I Was Supposed To Get Married Today,” on my wedding day, at my wedding venue, in front of half of my wedding guests and half complete strangers. Due out this winter, my spinoff hour will debut in 2020 at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe titled “Diary of A Bad Fiance.” I have a number of series in the works that I co-wrote and star in, including “Monogam.ish,” “Adulting,” and “Social Mediators.” My podcast titled “Future Role Model” became a residency in Las Vegas in September of 2019.