Yoga With Greta

Price per person $15
Minimum charge $60
Max call time: 1 hour
I'm open to custom large contracts

Yoga with Greta instructions will deepen your practice, improve mental and physical health, and helps achieve personal goals.  If you are a beginner, a working professional, an athlete, working or recovering through an injury, or have other special needs; Greta will provide a one-on-one experience with a special focus to help increase your health and wellness.

Her Vinyasa all levels class is a complete energy balance experience to build strength, flexibility and stamina. A moving meditation class that will make you sweat, empowered and centered.

Greta’s Yin and Meditation class includes deep stretches and breathing exercises to target connective tissues of the hips, pelvis and spine to open, unwind and restore the mind and body - improving flexibility cultivating balance from our busy lives.